Papeete’s Sea front, Tahiti

Papeete / Tahiti / Size XXXL

Etablissement public des Grands Travaux

Partners : REICHEN ET ROBERT Architectes Urbanistes

A new look to Papeete’s sea front conceived as an interface between town and lagoon, constituted by new urban walkaways serving two major areas: This extensive linear sequence leads to two major areas:

-Inland, with Tarohoi gardened neighbourhood, around the Bougainville botanical and cultural garden.

-The sea, a new urban park dedicated to promenade and recreational use.

This vast urban garden and promenade project’s success relies on its capacity to carry through a strategic planting.

University of Rennes 1’ Master Plan

Rennes / France / Size XXL

Université de Rennes

Partners : SETEC Organisation

Planning study for consolidating urban density; restructuring major roads, optimizing and rationalising vehicle circulation and parking; highlighting recreation and conviviality areas by creating appealing living spaces, develop transversal and smooth connections, thus maximising and facilitating pedestrian and bicycle movements.

Definition of a new perimeter for the Listed Chantilly Site

Chantilly Listed Site / France / Size XXXL

DREAL Picardie

Update Chantilly’s classification first and then propose listing the Thève Valley, the river Nonette to the Chapelle-en-Serval plateau. This updating will correct the first listing’s deficiencies. It proposes a detailed landscape and cartographic study in order to add or remove left aside plots from the first listing.

In particular the Thève Valley listing will:

- Reinforce historical, ecological and landscape’s aspects of the site, and connect it to a regional network of historic sites.

- Enable the appreciation and analysis of the situation at the scale of the Massif and of the surrounding preserved sites.

Listing Coucy-le-Chateau-Auffrique‘s surroundings

Coucy-le-château-Auffrique Listed Site / France / Size XXXL

DREAL Picardie

Partners : Ecosystèmes

DREAL Picardie has selected Coucy-le-Chateau-Aufrique site to be potentially eligible for a listing under the 1930’s law. This study aims to justify this listing opportunity, define a perimeter and recommend management orientations. Our study demonstrated the necessity to classify the Coucy-le-Chateau-Aufrique site under three criteria: historical, landscape and sustainability.


Master landscape plan of the banks of the Seine at Médan

Médan / France / Size XL

Extend the longstanding site’s leisure activities to boating and business tourism. Create a new marina in a manner to rediscover the riverside spirit and aquatic nature of the Seine. In this context, several objectives must coincide: economic viability, integration within the village, emphasizing the genius loci and respect of the Local Urbanism Plan regulation.


Defining Usages in Méreville departmental Estate

Méreville / France / Size XXL

Conseil Général de l’Essonne

Partners : Arc Essor, Olivier Nguyen-Huu, Elisabetta Cereghini

The study consists in defining a programme to enhance the park during its long restoration and setting up a project to promote a tourism economy and revive the site’s exceptional history and heritage.


Restructuring the Croix – Rouge university campus in Reims

Reims- Croix Rouge University Campus / France / Size XXL

Rectorat de l’académie de Reims

Partners : Setec Organisation

Planning Study for the Croix-Rouge’s campus, restructuring as well as rebuilding a teaching centre, a logistic centre, campus life centre, and personal accommodation. The actual university site is emblematic for it’s corolla shaped building, adjacent to the green corridor: the St John Perse Park.


Study for a settling camp in Senlis

Senlis / France / Size S

Communauté de communes du pays de Senlis

Partners : Ecosystèmes

The Oise department has programmed a departmental reception action plan for travellers. Senlis city provides an accommodation settlement for 40 and a big transit area (200 places).


Eco Museum in Saint Georges de Nigremont

Saint-Georges Nigremont / France / Size M

Mairie - Etude d’aménagement paysager du site

Partners : Arc Essor, B. Crépin

First of all study to determine tourist potential of this village within its region and identify additional tourist possibilities. Secondly, develop a specific programme suited to new gardens and the future museum.


Renovation Project – Saint Pierre- en-Chastres

Vieux Moulin- Site de Saint Pierre-en-Chastres / France / Size L

Festival des Forêts

Partners : l’Atelier d’Architecture

This study concerns the site’s renovation and enhancement of the site and its wider surroundings so as to preserve and improve over time. The main objective is to restore and highlight this historical, cultural and landscape legacy, careful to adjust diverse and contemporary public uses. And maintain sustainable planning for functional and technical up-keep.


Construction of the Building Trades Education Centre in Villepreux

Villepreux – Centre Educatif de Formation Professionelle / France / Size M

DASES Département de Paris

Partners : Setec organisation

Developing this unit is centred on reinforcing the building trade section, which includes other training branches. Rethinking the centre’s configuration, especially the reception area and student accommodation, the staff’s working conditions, and the site’s better maintenance. This development programme infers the reconsideration of the site’s adaptability and gets a restructuration operation under way.