Landscaping a public reception facility in Chantilly (Racecourse / Castle)

Chantilly / France / Size XXL

Domaine de Chantilly / Foundation for the safeguarding and development of the Domaine de Chantilly / G.I.P Initiative for sustainable development of Chantilly

Redevelopment of the racecourse and areas outside Chantilly castle, combining aesthetical, environmental, ecological and functional concerns, so as to improve visitor access (175 ha). Creation of a parking lot, and its service roads, highlighting historical axes and views, restructuring of the forest edge and the woodlands.

Urban Connection in Issy-les-Moulineaux

Issy-les-Moulineaux / France / Size M

Grand Paris Seine Ouest

Partners: Atelier MOSCA, Arcadis, Atelier Akiko, Aartill

The connection consists in a double escalator composed of three flights that climbs 26 metres, between the Issy RER on the lower part and the Epinettes neighbourhood on the upper part. A metallic roof cover, conceived as a discontinuous awning, has openings which are perceptible to travellers on the way down. Laying out of a new talweg so the facility can be integrated in a regenerated wooded area, with terrace vegetation.

Landscaping Douais' Tramway

Agglomération du Douaisis / France / Size XXL

Syndicat Mixte des Transports du Douaisis

Partners: Ingérop, Urbanica

Take advantage of the setting up of this exclusive public transport lane to recompose areas along its layout by burying overhead networks, planting of dense and adapted vegetation and improving the connections between roads, cycle lanes and pavements. 50% additional tree plantations have completed the former tree cover.

Urban Boulevard: Pukou Avenue and the Forest’s Garden

Nanjing / China / Size XL

Administrative Committee of Pukou Economic Development Zone in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province/China

Partners: Nanjing Natural Architecture & Landscape Design Co., Ldt (Chine) - Caribou concept (Eclairage, France)

Planning of a 2,4 km thoroughfare in Nanjing, South China. Planting more than 10 000 trees, 20 000 shrubs, four gardens and three public squares. The operation was based on three different components. The first one was ecological, with the planting of a 25 Ha urban forest in the city centre. It has a large impact on the neighbourhood’s atmosphere. The second component is cultural: this unique space offers motorists an insight into a new kind of landscape to live and to enjoy. Finally, the third component is technological:energy for public lighting is provided by wind and sun.

This project was presented at the Shanghai 2010 Universal Exposition due to its exemplarity- Atelier 12-2 Natural Heritage and Biodiversity – Theme: Corridor and blue-green infrastructure in the metropolis – Intervention: “An urban forest for Nankin”.


Quinconces esplanade development programme- Bordeaux

Bordeaux / France / Size L

Communauté Urbaine de Bordeaux

Develop links between neighbourhoods, duplicate atmospheres in walk layouts, maintain the central area’s emptiness, preserve the planted entities, bring more life to streets, integrate the tram, open the square towards the river, ensuring the link between this square and the left side embankment.


Doha’s Corniche – International Centre for the Arts and Culture of the Gulf region

Qatar / Qatar / Size XXXL

National Council for Culture, Arts and Heritage

Partners : Agence Jean Nouvel

On a 7,5 km ledge, improving urban quality of life and guaranteeing a display of the Gulf‘s culture.


Lansdcaping Hainan airport, China

Ile d’Hainan / China / Size L

Aéroport de Paris

Enhance the clearing’s aspect around the new airport terminal by re-planting the forest edge, creating a shaded area by the car park, with a large pedestrian walk planted with jacarandas. Landscaping a pedestrian promenade in areas around the airport with colourful ponds and gardens.


Aerial Connections in Pau

Pau / France / Size M

Ville de Pau

Partners : Pierre Marsan architecte

Improving Aragon car park by regulating the flow of incoming vehicles, but also decongestioning the existing access roads coming from the city centre. Guaranteeing a pedestrian connection between upper and lower town from the arcades to the Pyrenees boulevard, and providing more safety inside the car park thanks to increased penetration of daylight.


Study for the redevelopment of the classified site of Compiègne

Compiègne / France / Size M

Ville de Compiègne

Partners : L’atelier d’Architecture

Providing a management system to restore the forest/city interface. Preserving structural elements of landscape, supporting sport activities, using a wide selection of plants in harmony with the park and implementing ecological management of the site.


Prolongation of the Parisian metro/underground, line 11

Rosny (viaduc Station Domus-Laudeau) / France / Size L


Partners : Barani Architectes, Atelier Mosca, Arcadis, Mazet

Build a viaduct with minimal visual impact on landscape. Propose an architectural design so that as a pergola it offers urban functionality: a hanging structure of great height, freeing maximum space below.


Landscaping Xiangshan Road, China

Nanjing / China / Size L

Administrative Committee of Pukou Economic Development Zone in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province/China

Partenaires : Nanjing Natural Architecture & Landscape Design Co., Ldt (Chine)

Create a new way of entering the city by designing an urban park and a new scenography for the street’s vista, highlighting the natural dimension of the river through specific arrangements of its two banks. Construction of a large promenade serving commerces and residences.


Renovation of public areas along river Qinhuai, China

Nanjing / China / Size XL

Administrative Committee of Pukou Economic Development Zone in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province/China

Partenaires : Nanjing Natural Architecture & Landscape Design Co., Ldt (Chine)

Reveal the historical river by highlighting and restoring neglected areas, enabling a better perception of the river, often concealed by thick vegetation. Provide access to the docks and improve the city front.